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Why it's different.

Enspire Infant Formula

Why Enspire?

Enfamil® Enspire is an innovative, non-GMO* formula that has two new components found in breast milk, making it our closest ever to breast milk.

*Ingredients not genetically engineered. For more information visit

MFGM fosters cognitive development
LACTOFERRIN supports the immune system

How the components work.

Fosters Cognitive Development

MFGM is layers of lipids and proteins that surround breast milk fat droplets. This component supports cognitive development.

The Bayley Scale of Infant Development (BSID) measures progress in cognitive, motor, communication and social skills. In a recent study, a formula that had MFGM was shown to narrow the gap in cognitive development between breastfed and formula-fed infants at 1-year old.

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Supports the immune system

Lactoferrin is a component found in colostrum and also in mature breast milk. This specialized protein helps support the immune system and intestinal development.

How does it work? Recent clinical studies support the role of Lactoferrin as a multi-tasking protein that helps support the immune system and is also associated with respiratory health.

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A building block of the brain

The DHA in a mother’s prenatal diet supports her baby’s brain as it grows and is very important for brain structure and function after the baby is born. It is a building block of the eyes and nervous system, too. And in a clinical study, it was also shown to support learning ability through age 5.

How Enspire Began

To create Enspire, we collaborated on some of the most intensive breast milk studies to date. Since breast milk is used as the model for our formulas, these studies were designed to shed more light on its nutritional power. Two influential studies in particular helped create this remarkable new formula.

Over 1,300 mothers & their babies participated in multiple studies

Mothers & babies were from 4 continents North America, South America, Europe & Asia

1,500 human milk proteins were mapped and evaluated

All of the research findings led us to two components identified for the roles they play in infant development, respiratory and immune health.

MFGM fosters cognitive development
LACTOFERRIN supports the immune system

With Enspire we’re able to offer you a premium formula to nourish your baby as we never could before.

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What we care about.

At Mead Johnson Nutrition, the maker of Enfamil® and Enspire, we’ve been dedicated to making infant formulas inspired by breast milk for over 100 years. And with that focused approach, we’ve become the #1 brand recommended by pediatricians.

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Gain an entire support system.

There’s definitely a learning curve when you become a mom. With Enspire Family Beginnings™ by Enfamil®, you’ll enjoy complimentary information and ideas to make the time you spend with your baby as rewarding as possible:

  • Timely advice via email and in the mail
  • Exclusive savings and gifts
  • Valuable coupon savings
  • Special offers
  • Talk with a dedicated Enspire Expert at 1-888-777-3395

Gain an entire support system with Enspire Family Beginnings™ by Enfamil®

You’ll enjoy special values, free gifts, a dedicated support line, and more.

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